Daphne C.


Eataly Dallas
Daphne C.

Year Joined the Eataly Team: 2021
Eataly Favorite: Arrosticini

Daphne joined the Quick Service Team at Eataly Dallas in May 2021. From the start, Daphne took initiative and demonstrated her genuine love of learning. Coming to Eataly without any artisanal Barista experience, Daphne gained the skills and knowledge necessary to become an excellent Barista and a Trainer for our Quick Service Team.

Time and time again, Daphne goes above and beyond to support her team, especially during busy times. She loves answering teammates’ questions, and she helps make Eataly Dallas the best it can be.

How did your interest in the hospitality industry begin?
“I’ve been in hospitality for a long time – working in movie theatres, at cafes, and as a cashier. Hospitality is never something I saw myself doing full time until I got to Eataly and realized how many different aspects there are. I love the fast pace and new adventure that every day brings.”

Outside of Eataly, what do you like to do?
“I’m really into books, painting, and drawing. I’m also passionate about animals. I have five cats, a snake, a hamster, and a fish.”

*Since the above video was filmed, Daphne was promoted to an Events & Education Lead position. Well done, Daphne!

What has your transition to the Events & Education Department been like?
“Since transferring to the Events & Education Department, I help teach cooking classes, run storewide events, and support the Catering Team. Working in our cooking school – Scuola, I’ve learned to hone my public speaking skills. I’ve also personally learned a lot about Italian cuisine. I can make fresh pasta now, which is something I never saw myself being able to learn. Scuola has helped me connect to and learn from all the other departments in the store.”

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