Megan V.

Marketing Manager

Eataly Toronto
Megan V.

Year Joined the Eataly Team: 2019
Eataly Favorites: Tiramisu, Gelato, and Focaccia

Megan was born in Bombay, India and lived in Saudia Arabia until she was four years old, before moving to Canada in 1999, where she has been ever since.

In 2019 for Eataly Yorkville’s Grand Opening, Megan joined the team as a Communications & PR Associate and was soon promoted to Lead. In the role, she trailblazed a number of significant initiatives at Eataly, including building an influencer partner program on a national level. Megan discusses her experience as a Communications & PR Lead in the video below.

In time, Megan broadened her skillset and deepened her knowledge of Eataly. She was promoted to Assistant Marketing Manager and ultimately to Multi-Store Marketing Manager for Toronto, overseeing marketing for Eataly Yorkville and for the newly open Eataly Sherway Gardens.

Effectively working with team members at all levels of the organization, Megan makes every project and interaction enjoyable and collaborative.  She loves to take initiative and try new things, gently pushing herself and those around her to constantly learn and grow.

In your own words, what is the role of the Marketing Manager?
“In my role as Marketing Manager for the Toronto Region, I oversee the marketing operations and team across our two Toronto locations, including Graphics, Communications & PR, and Events & Education. It includes everything from planning the marketing programming to coincide with the Eataly North America strategy to writing copy for signage materials to organizing storewide events ranging from 200 to 800 people! No two days are the same in this role, making it continuously challenging and exciting.”

What advice do you have for a new Eataly team member?
“If I could offer one piece of advice, it’s to use the resources you have at Eataly. There are so many different people that work here at all different levels, from managers to hourly, who have so much knowledge and experience that they’re willing to share. It’s important to take advantage of that as a new team member as something that you can use going forward.”

Have you learned any Italian language while working in Marketing here?
“At Eataly, you pick up a little bit of language from hearing people talking around you, creating signs, and writing communications. One of my favorite words is ‘amici’. It’s something that we use all the time. It means ‘friends’, and it feels so representative of the family that’s here.”

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