Navin R.

Fresh Pasta Lead

Eataly Flatiron
Navin R.

Year Joined the Eataly Team: 2019
Eataly Favorite: Bucatini all’amatriciana

Navin, a Bronx native, is the Fresh Pasta Lead at Eataly Flatiron. After graduating college in 2019 with a degree in Cognitive Science, he decided to follow his passion for food, bringing him to Eataly.

From his very first interview, Navin expressed interest in learning to make fresh pasta. He started at Eataly as a Cashier and was able to transfer to become a Pastaio, or Fresh Pasta Maker, within a few months. Navin worked hard to master the art of making fresh pasta – how to laminate, use the machines, properly place his hands, and fill different shapes.

Today, Navin is one of our most expert Fresh Pasta Makers. He trains team members, educates guests, and even helps teach pasta classes at La Scuola. On the Eataly team, Navin is well known not only for his pasta-making skills, but also for his positive attitude and kindness. Navin makes work fun every day for himself and all those around him.

How did your interest in food begin?
“Seeing my family, and people in general, take ingredients and then create a dish from nothing made me interested in food. People who have these creative thoughts, then take a bunch of ingredients, chop them up, and gather them into one dish – this process really stuck with me. It’s a continuous flow, and you’re using your creative energy.”

What pasta shape do you especially love to make?
“I think my favorite shape of pasta to make is agnolotti because each step of the process means a lot – it’s very technical. An agnolotto is a pocket of pasta with meat filled inside of it. Agnolotti are from Piedmont, from northern Italy. Here at Eataly, we fill it with short rib, veal shank, and prosciutto.”

Have you tried any new foods while working at Eataly?
“Before I started working at Eataly, I wasn’t really a fan of olives, but they grew on me. So now when I see olives, I don’t take them out of a salad or a dish – I just eat them now! Even if I go out and have a drink and it comes with olives, I’m going to eat that olive now! In Italian food, olives are just everywhere – they are in the bread, they are in a dish with halibut, you just see people constantly eating olives here in no matter what shape or form it may be. I wanted to try and like olives, so it worked out!”

*Note – Since the above video was filmed, Navin was promoted to a Junior Sous Chef position in Central Kitchen at Eataly Flatiron. Well done, Navin!

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