Philip S.

SAFO Artisan

Eataly Downtown
Philip S.

Year Joined the Eataly Team: 2022
Eataly Favorite: Espresso

Originally from Birmingham, England, Philip developed a passion for Italian cuisine and culture when living abroad in Italy for two years while working as a writer. In 2022, after moving to NYC, Philip was eager to learn new skills and become involved in artisanal food-making at a hands-on level. This brought him to us at Eataly Downtown, where he joined the team as an Artisan in our Salumi & Formaggi Department.

Philip jumped into his role with enthusiasm, mastering the art and intricacies of mozzarella making. While honing his expertise, Philip simultaneously worked to expand his knowledge of salumi and formaggi as well as other products throughout the store. With a solid understanding our product offering, Philip is able to provide excellent guest service and be a helpful resource for his team members.

Always arriving at Eataly with a positive attitude, Philip takes initiative when he sees something needs to be done, such as keeping the display case full and organized at all times. Philip puts thought into his work, and he is known around Eataly his high standards. He takes pride in producing the best product possible, impressing guests and inspiring his fellow Eatalians.

What has your journey at Eataly been so far?
“When I first started at Eataly, I had no prior experience in cheesemaking, but I was interested in the idea of learning such a unique skill. The team did a great job teaching me everything I needed to know. With time, I progressed to be able to produce hundreds of mozzarella cheeses daily and have even experimented with braided variations for special events. It’s been an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience so far.”

What is your current position?
“Together with my team, I make mozzarella for customers as well as for our onsite restaurants and quick service counters. This involves separating the curd, combining it with hot, salted water, and stretching it until it’s ready to shape. The mozzarella we make comes in may different shapes and sizes, from fresh burrata filled with stracciatella, to low-moisture mozzarella that will be sliced for sandwiches.”

What is a typical day of work like for you?
“We start each day at 7 AM so production can begin as early as possible. We usually make the mozzarella that will be sold to our customers first, before completing the orders for our restaurants. A typical day will involve us making around 160 pounds (72 kg) of mozzarella. By lunch time, we have completed most of the cheesemaking. The early start also means an early finish.”

What is your favorite memory of your time at Eataly so far?
“Our Mozzarella Lab is on display within the store, allowing us to interact and engage with customers. This is a great way to share our knowledge and offer samples. Whether for tourists or local families, it’s always great to see our guests enjoying the process of making mozzarella firsthand – many of which are seeing it for the first time.”

Outside of Eataly, what do you like to do?
“I love following Aston Villa, my beloved football team from my hometown of Birmingham, England. I also enjoy being by the sea and watching Italian movies from the 1960s.”

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