Raineer C.

QSR Lead

Eataly Flatiron
Raineer C.

Year Joined the Eataly Team: 2020
Eataly Favorite: Pizza alla Pala

Originally from the Philippines, Raineer is a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Lead at Eataly Flatiron NYC. Raineer’s journey with Eataly began in November 2020 as a Seasonal Cashier. Due to his curiosity about food and beverage management, Raineer soon became interested in moving to Eataly’s QSR team.

As a QSR Associate, Raineer challenged himself to master all of the stations. He expanded his product knowledge and created an excellent partnership with the Pastry Team. Understanding how to deliver a positive guest experience, Raineer was promoted to QSR Lead within just five months.

Even during the busiest of times, Raineer ensures that everyone on the team is set up for success, jumping in whenever and wherever needed. He leads by example, always with a smile, inspiring his teammates to keep learning and growing every day.

What is QSR?
“QSR stands for Quick Service Restaurants. It has an array of counters and cafes. It has Pizza alla Pala, we have the pastry counter, we have two coffee bars, and we have a gelato counter.”

What is your team like?
“I have a very diverse team and it’s fun. To make it short, I would say my team is like a puzzle – we’re like different pieces, but when put together we make a good team.”

What have you learned since working at Eataly?
“I’ve learned that if you work for something, if you put your heart into it, you will definitely go places. Especially with this company, they give you opportunities.”

Where do you see your career headed at Eataly?
“Right now as a Service Lead, I see the outer and the inner part of the operation, which makes me excited because I know I can do a lot more things, so I am eyeing for a higher position.”

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