Yessica M.

Grocery Manager

Eataly Boston
Yessica M.

Year Joined the Eataly Team: 2019
Eataly Favorite: Cacio e pepe

Yessica joined the Eataly team in June 2019, beginning as a Pizzaiolo. After a year and a half in Bakery – where she excelled and built up her English-language skills – Yessica was ready for a new challenge. She became a Grocery Stocker and enthusiastically began to learn all aspects of the job. Always asking questions and volunteering to help out, Yessica became an invaluable member of the team and was promoted to Lead and then to Assistant Manager. Now, Yessica is our Grocery Manager!

Originally from El Salvador, Yessica has found her “little Italy family” at Eataly (in her own words). She loves to laugh, and she keeps the atmosphere light-hearted and fun for everyone.

What is your favorite memory from your time at Eataly so far?
“When I was promoted to Lead, I started to cry because I had met my goal. This made me so happy. It was a fantastic moment.”

What have you learned during your time at Eataly?
“I have learned about leadership, communication, and teamwork.  I’ve also learned about management. Finally, all the English I know – I’ve learned it here!”

What advice do you have for a new Eataly team member?
“My advice is to focus on your job. Make sure you are communicating in the best way possible. Here, we are a family. We say ‘hi’ to each other. We are on the same page. And, of course, enjoy your work!”

Outside of Eataly, what do you like to do?
“I love animals! I have a dog, three guinea pigs, and a chinchilla. I also like to play soccer.”

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