Corporate Office

At Eataly Corporate, our dedicated team works hard to set strategy and support our company’s growth across North America. From Design & Construction, Finance, Marketing & Graphics, Ecommerce,  HR & Payroll,  Product & Logistics, and more – the office hums with activity on a daily basis. We understand the value of in-person connection and working together as a team. We love to be physically present in our marketplaces, where we spend lots of time.

Our Corporate Team is made up of passionate people full of ideas – people who like to make suggestions and try new things. As we expand across North America, our Corporate Team also expands to best support our marketplaces. We are dedicated to the growth of our team members, and we are constantly innovating and creating new positions.

Featured Eatalians

Katia D.
Head of Pastry
Katia has overseen the Pastry program at Eataly North America since we opened in 2010, ensuring all our locations offer the highest-quality and most authentic Italian treats.
Lidia S.
Head of Coffee Bar Operations
Starting as a Barista at Eataly Flatiron in 2016, Lidia is now responsible for the optimal functioning of all our coffee bar operations across North America in existing and new stores.
Dan A.
VP of Beverage
Dan has been with Eataly since 2010, initially joining as a Beverage Manager. Since then, he has held many leadership roles and now oversees the wine and beverage program for North America.
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Restaurant Operations Manager Restaurant Service New York, NY
Corporate Graphic Designer Marketing & Graphics New York, NY
Project Manager, Construction Design & Construction new york, New York
Human Resources Generalist Human Resources - HR New York, NY
Director of Supply Chain- Eataly Corporate Product & Logistics New York, NY
Design Project Manager- Eataly Corporate Design & Construction New York, NY
Payroll Manager Finance New York, NY
Benefits Associate Human Resources - HR New York, NY