Our Story

EATALY is a combination of the words EAT and ITALY.

In 2007, after five years of research and planning, Oscar Farinetti opened the first Eataly in an abandoned Vermouth factory in Torino, Italy. Uniting the cuisine from each of Italy’s 20 regions under one roof, Eataly Torino introduced a brand new Italian food experience, a multifunctional marketplace – a destination to EAT, SHOP, and LEARN.

Today, there are over 41 Eataly locations around the globe. Each Eataly features a combination of retail, restaurants, to-go counters, cafes, and educational spaces. You’ll find us in the USA, Canada, Italy, Arabia, Japan, Korea, Stockholm, Munich, Paris, London, Istanbul, Sao Paolo, and other countries too. We’re continuing to expand, and we believe the best is yet to come!

Eataly is a store with stories. Here, you won’t just discover what you love, you’ll also learn about what you love. You’ll be part of a company determined to make the most of everyone’s professional and personal skills through ongoing training and personalized growth paths. You’ll work in a dynamic environment alongside truly passionate people, where you’ll learn something new every single day. To learn more, read through our Eataly Manifesto here!

Oscar Farinetti
Oscar Farinetti


Alba, Piedmont

“Eataly’s success is linked to our philosophy, because people can eat, shop and learn all about high-quality food, three activities that don’t coexist anywhere else. Moreover, our informal style of communication shows how direct and approachable we are, just the way people like.”