Alyana A.

Prep Cook

Eataly Chicago
Alyana A.

Year Joined the Eataly Team: 2018
Eataly Favorite: Panino with Prime Rib

Originally from the Philippines, Alyana moved to the United States and began working at Eataly Flatiron in NYC in 2018.  Drawing on her education in Culinary Arts, Alyana sharpened her skills while working in Central Kitchen preparing offerings for our Quick Service counters. In 2021, Alyana moved to Chicago and joined the Eataly team there. 

In Chicago, Alyana has mastered a variety of stations as both a Prep Cook and Line Cook.  Alyana is known across the team for her positive demeanor and friendliness. She is always up to the challenge and takes pride in her careful work. We are so happy to have her as part of our Culinary Team!

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? 
“When I was a kid, I actually really wanted to be a flight attendant. I guess my height didn’t allow me because I’m only five feet tall. So my mom encouraged me to get involved in the culinary industry even though I didn’t know how to cook — even rice — at the time. I gave it a shot. And I realized, I have a skill in this field!” 

What is a typical day like working as a Prep Cook at Pronto at Eataly Chicago? 
“First, we wash our hands. We grab some boards and knives. We clean our bench and sanitize everything. Then, we get everything that we’re gonna need for the day to prep. We make salads. We pack each of them according to standard weights. After that, we do the paninis and tramezzini. Finally, we put everything in the front fridge.” 

Have you tried any new foods while working at Eataly? 
“I didn’t like prosciutto before working here. I didn’t even like the look of a slice of prosciutto. But when I tried it with stracciatella cheese combined with charred tomato and arugula (which I also didn’t like before), the combination of the four was so great. I loved it! I love Italian food!”

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