Enrica C.

Quick Service Manager

Eataly Boston
Enrica C.

Year Joined the Eataly Team: 2022
Eataly Favorite: Pizza margherita

Originally from Sardegna, Italy, Enrica earned a Masters Degree in Food Safety and Quality Control before moving to the United States. In 2022, she decided to make use of her extensive food knowledge by joining the Education and Events Team at Eataly Boston.

After a year of successfully organizing events and activations, Enrica’s leadership abilities were evident, and she was promoted to a manager position in our Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) Department. From the start, Enrica approached this new challenge with passion and a can-do attitude, leading by example and building rapport with her team through an active, pleasant, and engaged presence on the floor.

Dedicated to learning, Enrica takes every opportunity to try new things and eagerly asks for constructive feedback. For example, to build her soft skills, she proactively signed up for Eataly’s Leadership Development courses, putting the principles she learned into play and debriefing with her managers about her approach to handling various scenarios. In addition, Enrica took over the payroll process for QSR and has since had an important role in optimizing scheduling.

Enrica is committed to her team. When the QSR Department promoted four new QSR Shift Specialists, Enrica took initiative to oversee their training and performance. She worked patiently alongside them, offering support while monitoring their progress and holding them accountable to Eataly standards. Currently, Enrica is piloting a performance development plan to facilitate their further growth. Her positive energy and thirst for improvement have an important impact across all of Eataly Boston.

In your own words, what does a QSR Manager at Eataly do?
“I have a diverse range of responsibilities from overseeing daily operations, handling orders, managing and coaching the team, and ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards. I spend lots of time on the floor to make sure everything goes smoothly. I really try to understand each team member’s strengths and to identify which counter would be best for them to work at specific moments of the day. I want to make sure we are all set up for success, and that may mean I move people around to different counters during the day. On our team, we support each other and learn from each other.”

What have you learned so far during your time at Eataly?
“I’ve learned how to always be listening. Every single person in the store has taught me something. I’m so happy to be here. Many colleagues have become my friends. I feel like I can be myself here and that people genuinely care about me.”

How did your interest in food begin?
“It began with my family. When I was young, I was always going to my grandma’s house and baking bread, cooking pasta. I’ve always loved being around food and taking my time in the kitchen.”

Who inspires you?
“My dad. He is a doctor, and he’s very charismatic, empathetic, and cares so much. He really knows how to build relationships with people. I’ve watched him and how he has a smile on his face when he’s with others and how he talks loud and with energy, which I now also do. He likes to teach others and that has inspired me to want to share what I know with other people too. Through his example, my dad has also taught me about respect.”

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
“A singer and dancer! I always used to sing in front of mirrors with my sister.”

Outside of Eataly, what do you enjoy doing?
“I really love basketball. When it’s sunny, I always play in the court in front of my house. I also love the Celtics and go to many of their games. Fashion is another one of my interests. And, of course, I love food and trying restaurants around the city. I’m a very curious person.”

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