Nivea P.

Quick Service Lead

Eataly Chicago
Nivea P.

Year Joined the Eataly Team: 2017
Eataly Favorite: Pasta al pomodoro

Nivea started at Eataly Chicago in 2017 as a Barista. Having learned to masterfully operate all of our Quick Service stations, Nivea is now a Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) Lead.  

Nivea likes to arrive early to set her team and herself up for success in any situation. With her lighthearted banter and overwhelmingly positive demeanor, Nivea always brings a smile to those around her. She is known across the team to be extremely caring and compassionate.  

Over the years, Nivea has grown her leadership skills, invigorating her department with energy and motivation. She focuses on what needs to be done but never ignores the human element in the workplace. She wants people to do their best, for their own sake as well as Eataly’s.

How would you describe your team? 
“Everyone here is a family. No matter what background you come from, where you come from, we all welcome you as a family. Once you get to know everyone, no matter what the situation is, we handle the situation together as best as we can.” 

What have you learned while working here? 
“I’ve learned a lot about working with different people and managers. I’ve learned how to handle different interactions with customers. Business-wise, I’ve learned a lot. Also, I’ve learned about many types of pasta, wine, meats, prosciutto, cheese. There’s so much.” 

Do you have a favorite memory from your time at Eataly so far? 
“My favorite memories are when employees come to me and thank me. Many people have told me, ‘Hey Niv, thanks for inspiring me. Thank you for helping me out. Thank you for the one-on-one training. Thank you for just being there and showing me things, you know.’ Hearing those words are my favorite memories.” 

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