Rose D.

Front End Associate

Eataly Flatiron
Rose D.

Year Joined the Eataly Team: 2015
Eataly Favorite: Steak at SERRA

Rose grew up in Brooklyn, NY. Her father was of Irish decent while her mother was a Native American. For three years during her childhood, Rose‘s family lived in Germany while her father was stationed there with the army.

After finishing school, Rose held various types of positions from working a switchboard, to a typist, to a secretary, to an overnight supermarket associate. She was also very involved in volunteer work and her children’s lives, even serving as the President of the Parent Teacher Association.

In April 2015, Rose joined the Front End Team at Eataly Flatiron. Intrigued by the layout and offering of our store, she wanted to be a part of the excitement. Since her start, she has brought smiles to countless guests’ faces through her engaging and delightful demeanor while assisting them at the cash register.

Dedicated to her work and naturally curious, Rose never hesitates to ask questions. Through her mastery of Front End responsibilities and her unique ability to turn potential conflicts into positive interactions, she has been an invaluable member of the team. Her dedication and her dynamic, spirited personality make working with her a true pleasure.

How did your interest in food begin?
“It began on my aunt’s farm. I saw her milk cows, and I was amazed at that. I love milk. She also had three fields of vegetables because, depending on the weather, we always needed a source of food even if it flooded or stormed. That’s where I learned my baking too. At apple time, we would make apple pies, apple cakes, apple cookies, apple sauce. I love baking.”

What’s your favorite part of your job?
“Meeting people! I love conversing with our guests about our food. If I don’t know certain foods, I ask, ‘What do you use this for?’, and they explain recipes to me. Since working here, I’ve tried cheeses, pasta, and all different types of fish. I’ve also tried a lot of new produce such as star fruit and rambutan.”

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
“I wanted to be a dancer. I really did! But my mother said, ‘No, you’re going to be a secretary and make a living.’ So I had to go to secretarial school.”

Who inspires you?
“I am inspired by Angela Lansbury. I watched how her career took off when she was on Broadway. And then she had her own show, Murder, She Wrote. She would help out her friends and bring them into her movies and shows. I thought it was amazing how she helped others. Also, I like the way she carries herself. A real true, lady. She tells you exactly how it is, but she doesn’t insult you.”

What advice do you have for a new Eatalian team member?
“Be comfortable. You’re not going to understand everything right away. If you have any questions, ask. We are willing to help. Just go with the flow, and don’t be nervous. Once you get it, you’ll have a great time!”

Outside of Eataly, what do you like to do?
“I love spending time with my kids and grandkids. I babysit them each week. I also enjoy knitting, crocheting, and reading.”

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