Vinnie M.

Meat & Fish Lead

Eataly Boston
Vinnie M.

Year Joined the Eataly Team: 2019
Eataly Favorite: Mango sorbetto

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Vinnie begin his journey in the world of food with the decision to go to culinary school. After earning his degree, he began to work as a cook. Seeking a better work-life balance and the opportunity to return home earlier in the evening, Vinnie got in touch with us at Eataly.

In 2019, Vinnie joined the team at Eataly Boston as a Pizza Maker. After honing his expertise, he was promoted to Head Pizza Maker and went on to learn how to mix and shape bread. Next, Vinnie requested a transfer to our Salumi & Formaggi Department where he took it upon himself to learn about every single one of our cheeses and cured meats, looking to provide the best guest experience as an Artisan. He also mastered the craft of mozzarella making.

Vinnie’s next move, in 2023, was to our Meat & Fish Department. Taking initiative to specialize in seafood, Vinnie learned the ins and outs of the department and was promoted to Lead. He soon earned the nickname of  “The Inspector” for his thoroughness, attention to detail, and ability to identify ways to enhance the guest experience at the counter. Leading by example, Vinnie demonstrates genuine passion for our products which translates into exceptional customer service. It is very common for our guests to seek out Vinnie specifically to help them with their orders. Largely thanks to his efforts, the Seafood Team has achieved record-breaking financial results.

Strongly motivated, Vinnie has learned all the most challenging tasks that our Fresh Market has to offer with ease and excitement. He never hesitates to use the vast knowledge he has built up to jump in and help other departments. Vinnie is a true team player and an inspiration for his fellow Eatalians.

In your own words, what is the role of a Meat & Fish Lead at Eataly?
“My role is to make sure the team knows what they’re doing and has everything they need. We organize ourselves in the best way possible. For example, when there are more talented and experienced butchers on shifts with me, I make sure they are the ones doing the butchering and I dedicate myself to the customer service. I also generally take care of all the fish orders and handle lots of the food preparation work. We collaborate closely with other departments, such as with our Terra restaurant so they can butcher whole pigs in our space.”

What is your favorite part of your job?
“My favorite part of my job is doing the ordering process and seeing the correct flow of product. I like knowing all the orders are placed, seeing the walk-in fill up with fish on Friday and Saturday, emptying it out, and being left with no extra product at the end of the week. I love when everything is ordered correctly and sold, knowing that what comes, goes out.”

What have you learned during your time at Eataly so far?
“I’ve gained so much food knowledge since working here. I’ve learned how to mix and shape breads. I’ve learned about all different types of cheeses, meats, and fish. Wherever and whenever I go, I try to learn all the different facets. I always like to be learning something new and trying something different.”

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
“As a kid, I was really into sports. They took up most of my time. I did cross country, wrestling, and ultimate frisbee. I loved to be on the move. Initially, I went to school for engineering. Then I realized that I needed to be doing something with my hands and to be on my feet to learn best and to stay motivated and engaged. I wanted to do something challenging. So, I decided to go to culinary school. Before that, I did not cook at all and was excited to try something totally new.”

Outside of Eataly, what do you like to do?
“I have a fish aquarium and cats, and I enjoy taking care of them. I also like to play video games.”

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