Wilmer M.

Sous Chef Manager

Eataly Flatiron
Wilmer M.

Year Joined the Eataly Team: 2010
Eataly Favorite: Prime rib sandwich

Originally from a beautiful coastal area of Honduras, Wilmer moved to the United States when he was 18 years old.

In 2010, Wilmer joined the original Grand Opening Team at Eataly Flatiron, our flagship location and our first store in North America. Beginning as a Bakery Assistant, Wilmer was committed to his work and interested in learning more. In time, he was promoted to the role of Baker. He learned to make all types of bread as well as pizza alla pala. Next, Wilmer was promoted to a Lead, expanding his scope to supervise food production for all our Quick Service stations.

Today, Wilmer holds the position of Sous Chef Manager for the Quick Service Department. This means in addition to overseeing food production, he manages all the operations of his team.

Evidenced in the way he trains his team and the quality of their work, Chef Wilmer always holds the values of Eataly as his number one priority. He goes above and beyond to support the greater Eataly team in any way possible – helping with projects, assisting with Scuola, lending a hand to other departments. Taking pride in all he does while still remaining humble and generous with others, Chef Wilmer enriches Eataly’s culture and serves as a role model for his fellow Eatalians.

You’ve been with Eataly since the North American launch. What has your journey been like?
“I push myself day by day, and I am very competitive with myself. I make a daily effort to bring something new to my work and to do things better. The growth I have achieved here, I have achieved it with effort, with humility, and most of all with dedication and respect. At Eataly, doors will open for you if you are patient and wait for the door to open at the right time.”

How would you describe your team?
“I have a very good team – the Quick Service Team. We communicate well and harmoniously because we know that communication is the fundamental basis of success and allows us to solve any problem before it is too late. If another department needs a favor, I make sure we willingly do it. We all are on the greater Eataly team and have the same goal of offering the best products every day. Achieving goals with my team fills me with satisfaction.”

What have you learned since working at Eataly?
“Every day, I learn something new and notice something new. I have learned a lot about food, especially about bread and pizza. I learned how amazing it is to see a generations-old yeast give life to bread. Also before Eataly, I had never tasted Roman-style pizza that is crispy on the top and soft on the inside. Beyond learning about food, at Eataly, I have learned how to manage a team, how to problem solve, and how to have patience with people and with systems.”

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
“When I was young, I told my dad that I wanted to be a civil engineer when I grew up. I wanted to learn how to build houses and buildings. Later things did not happen as expected, but I had one of the opportunities that many have wanted and have not been able to be part of: to work for Eataly and to become a key part of this company. It has been an aspired dream, and I thank God that I have achieved it.”

What advice do you have for a new Eatalian team member?
“Whenever I hire people, I tell them that they have arrived at one of the best companies in NYC. I ask them to have respect for all people here. This is fundamental basis of our company. So – show respect, understand the work, and value this opportunity.”

Outside of Eataly, what do you like to do?
“I love to spend time with my family. I am also a leader in my church community and sometimes preach there on Sundays. I find great fulfillment in dedicating my time to serving God and my family.”

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