Zach A.

Lead Butcher

Eataly Yorkville
Zach A.

Year Joined the Eataly Team: 2019
Eataly Favorite: Melanzana alla parmigiana

Zach has been part of the Eataly Toronto team since opening day in 2019. While he started as the newest butcher at the counter, he quickly impressed with his drive and curiosity, leading to his promotion to Lead Butcher.

Zach’s knowledge of the art of butchery – which he loves to share with guests and team members – is unmatched. He puts his team first and goes above and beyond during busy or challenging times. Zach’s team members describe him as supportive, intuitive, and fun-loving.

How did your interest in food begin?
“My interest in food began when I was a child. My mom and my sister were the big cooks in our life. I would say I’m spoiled by the way they used to feed me. When I was a kid, I just ate the food and didn’t do any of the work. I used to gripe all the time when my mom asked me to peel onions or ginger. I didn’t expect it then, but all those lessons paid off. Now as an adult, I’m the one who’s the cook in my house.”

What advice do you have for a new Eataly team member?
“Take every single class that’s offered to you. I regret in the beginning not having taken enough classes offered to staff. They are usually on topics out of my field, and it’s just such a worthwhile learning experience here.”

What inspires you?
“I really appreciate a good work ethic and look up to anyone who has one. I always think of my favorite artist who was a comic creator when he was a kid and is still doing the same thing now. I want to be someone like that and still do something that I love even 30-40 years from now.”

Do you have a favorite memory from your time at Eataly so far?
“One day before Christmas in 2021, we were so swamped. The Butcher Lead at the time brought us a Pizza alla Pala and told us to take a break for five minutes. We all were there – quietly just eating pizza, drinking some soda, staring at each other, knowing what we had to do. It just felt so right at that moment to be there together as a team as we were about to embark on the pre-Christmas rush. That’s my most important memory.”

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